What Causes Stretch Marks

Learning what causes stretch marks is one of the best ways to fight them. If you’re unsure of the cause it can be difficult to treat them and prevent them in the future. Do all you can to learn about the cause so that you’re not a stretch mark victim any more.

What causes stretch marks is when the skin is stressed to the point that the bottom layer tears. This happens in cases like pregnancy and rapid weight loss or gain. Thankfully, the top layer of skin remains intact.

Even though the top layer doesn’t tear, it is still affected. The skin under the top layer usually scars over and may even become pitted. This can lead to unsightly, embarrassing skin that you want to cover up at all costs.

You might also be wondering what causes stretch marks to be worse in some people than others. The truth is that genetics plays a large role. The way your skin behaves is passed down from generation to generation.

Another deciding factor is your nutrition levels. If you’re not getting enough vital nutrients then your skin will be more likely to develop stretch marks. Drinking enough water is also a problem that many people have.

When there is poor nutrition at work, stretch marks develop a lot more easily than they would on healthy skin. Actually, the best way to prevent stretch marks is to make sure that you’re eating right and staying hydrated.

Still, even the healthiest of healthy people will end up with a stretch mark here and there. The best thing to do in that case is to seek treatment. The best treatments are often stretch mark creams because they are safe and non invasive.

If you are pregnant or overweight you might feel like it is inevitable that you will get stretch marks. This isn’t always the case, but it is best to be prepared.

Make sure that you’re applying preventative cream and getting all of the nutrition you need. Preparing your skin for the changes to come by making it more elastic is a great method.

If it’s too late and you need to repair the stretch marks you have, make sure that you use products that will restore elasticity. Having elasticity in your skin is a great thing because it means that your skin can heal itself and will be less likely to develop stretch marks.

Since you know what causes stretch marks, you can develop your effective battle plan today.