Red Stretch Marks

Having stretch marks can certainly put a damper on your view about yourself. While all your friends are laughing and playing by the pool, you might be sitting out because you are embarrassed about your red stretch marks.

These are especially problematic because they stand out more than flesh colored or even purple stretch marks. Red stretch marks can end up looking more like battle wounds than anything.

If you were pregnant or have lost a lot of weight, you probably feel like this battle was worth going through.

Still, that doesn’t make the fact that you have bright stretch marks any better. If you do have these, know that they will fade over time. Red usually signals that the problem has occurred fairly recently.

As time goes on, your body will start to heal itself. Make sure that you help this process along by eating healthily and taking care of your body with vitamins and other nutrients.

It is even possible to fade red stretch marks with prescription creams such as Retin-A. This will help to get rid of the red tone so that the stretch marks are not as noticeable.

Still, you might not want to use this prescription. And you actually cannot use this if you are pregnant or nursing because it can hurt your baby.

Since Retin-A is not a viable option you’ll want to get rid of your red stretch marks another way. There are a variety of creams available that can help you eliminate them in a snap.

When you choose a cream, make sure that it is all natural and safe for your baby if you are pregnant or nursing.

The great think about creams today is that there is usually a lot of care taken in selecting the ingredients that are right for you. After all, companies have a vested interest in order to make sure that their product is one of the best on the market.

Some of these products will still be cheap duds with fillers, but there are great options available that will fade your red stretch marks fast.

Red stretch marks can be even more devastating than those of any other shade. There is no way not to notice these stretch marks because they are so prominent.

Do all you can to stop your embarrassment today by using products that will help to fade or eliminate your stretch marks as soon as possible.